Dearest ones,

I need to talk to you about something.

Well… to be specific…

I need to talk to ME about something.

There was something inside me

that wasn’t feeling so good.

And I was ashamed about it.

And I was craving for change.

So I did as I always do…

I turned to art.

To make sense of my world.

Make sense of my problem.


My problem:

a very modern day one.

An addiction to the internet.

A grasping, grappling for my phone.

Awaking in the morning to anxiety, counting down the moments until I could open my phone or laptop, let the thrill of notifications race through me.

I am needed. I am getting attention. I have to be seen. I have to connect. Over and over.

I don’t believe I am alone in feeling like this.

This is a new problem.

One we have not faced before, in all of humanity’s history.


This illustrated zine is my letter to myself.

My dissection of the issues.

My hunt for the reasons behind it.

The solutions to begin healing it.

To find balance again.

To see the world that lived outside the screen.

I tenderly share it with you.


This is for you, when you forget.

This is for me, when I forget.

Let’s remind each other. Let’s talk about this.

Let’s craft a brand new path, together.

The path of the ultra-connected

who never forget

that most of all

we need to be connected

to ourselves and our heart and our spirit

and the beautiful world around us.

So much love,

“…a beautiful and timely message!”

Deana DeLarge

Leonie gives wonderful insight on the internet epidemic – and advice on how to counter it all with her usual honesty and lightness. I wish everyone in the world could read this.

Claire Sydenham

Warning: this zine may cause realizations, mild horror, and a desire to look at someone’s face without a screen in the way for more than five seconds. The prescription? Read the rest of the zine. Then read a book.

Liz Patt

“Love this e-zine! Leonie Dawson is always a step ahead of the crowd when it comes to motivation and staying on track for life and business.”

Peggy Jarvis Shafer

“Just simply beautiful. Thank you for this gift.”

Ursula Kuba

“…hit me right in the heart.”

Jimena DeLima

This zine is a warm hug and a breath of fresh air. Rediscover Self Love and remember Who you Truly Are. Leonie Dawson had a way with words (and pens and paint) that reminds us what’s truly important in life.

Roberta Smart

Whatttt!! This is fantastic! Something I need to remember every day!

Becca Brittain

Two words: “frigging awesome!”

Lioness Lee

“I love it! You hit the nail on the head again Leonie. I love how colorful and creative you have made this illustrated zine. It makes me want to get off my phone and go and create something.”

Stephanie Maurel

“I really resonate with this, I think many people will. Thank you for speaking from your heart, Leonie, even about the difficult topics that many of us aren’t sure how to talk about or address.”

Krystle Ash

CEO of $2m a year company

Best-selling author & sought after speaker

Her books have been used by over a quarter of a million women

Australian Business Woman of the Year finalist

Ausmumpreneur of the Year finalist