Who I Used To Be Before Success:
10 Things I Had To Stop To Go From Broke Creative to Millionaire Maven!

with your host

best-selling author & award-winning entrepreneur
Leonie Dawson

My intimate behind-the-scenes story of how I went from broke hippy to millionaire creative.

The bad habits I had that were blocking success & abundance (you’re probably doing these too!)

The stupidly ridiculous mistakes I made.

The essential mindset shifts that supercharged my success.

Exactly what you need to do to supercharge yours!

CEO of $2m a year company

Best-selling author & sought after speaker

Her books have been used by over a quarter of a million women

Australian Business Woman of the Year finalist

Ausmumpreneur of the Year finalist

Thank you Leonie…for your awesome, jammed packed intensive today! As well as 7 pages of notes and a few action items for me, you had me giggling…LOVE IT! These moments of fun make absorbing all your valuable tips so much easier!

Ines McKean

I had so many ah ha moments that I felt like you were just talking to me – lol! I think the biggest help for me was making things happen and figuring out what habits I have that are allowing me to procrastinate with my business and figuring out what I needed to do to change them. Thanks a bunch!

Kaylee Shadows

Thanks Leonie! So many gems in there- will listen to the replay as well. Implementing as we speak (lol)!

Julie Rowlands

This session was so very awesome, I learnt so much and I am going to review and start to work on my actionables.

Cassandra Bowen

Really enjoying being inspired by you guys and I feel so much more confident in achieving my life & business goals.

Amanda Gascoigne

It was EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed it and got a bunch of helpful information.

Renee Roszkowski

Leonie…thanks so much for the webinar today- I got soooo much out of it!

Terri O'Sullivan

It was amazingly helpful. I recognized myself in…well…euh…all of it! I know where my pitfalls are and what to do about them. I am going to be my own knight in colorful shining armour!!

Ameike Van Der Ven

It was like looking in the mirror and cringing at what you saw, because you know that you can no longer hide from the excuses and bad habits you have created for yourself. Thank you for hanging the mirror, Leonie.

Melees Bianco

Loved it! Thank you so much Leonie…I am so glad I tuned in live!!!

Blake Ashley Freedom

Thank you Leonie! Great way to start my morning- I feel successful already!

Mari-Carmen Bertlin

The webinar was freaking awesome- Thank you Leonie…so much to take away. Now for some goal planning the SMART way!

Michelle Turner

OMG Leonie Dawson! You had me in tears at the end when you started talking about what it’s REALLY ABOUT! Bravo! Kudos! Thank you!!!!!!!

Judy McNutt

Loved it!!! I had my schedule”to-do” list. Realized some things that I was not doing. Thank you!!!

Kristine Young Farley

Thank you, for your wisdom, for your vulnerability, and for being a gleaming light in the world!

Lisa D'Alessio