CEO of a 7 figure business.


Best-selling author. Motivational speaker.


Artist. Publisher. Philanthropist. Mama.


Hippy + gigglesnorter.






I’m the founder of the Shining Biz + Life Academy.


I only work a few hours a day. I’ve never worked full time hours in my business – even as it doubles in size.


My priority is to spend lots of happy, gentle, creative + adventure time with the two loves of my life: my husband Chris and our daughters Ostara and Beth.


I’ve written three books, blogged for over a decade years and created dozens of e-courses, workbooks and meditation kits. I get shit DONE.


I’ve coached tens of thousands of women to create their own incredible lives and businesses including crystal healers, celebrities, coaches, best-selling authors, award-winning singers, fitness experts, yoga teachers, multiple-six-figure entrepreneurs.


I’ve previously worked as editor of – the Australian Government’s portal for businesses. It also happened to win a United Nations award during my time there! Wop wop!


I’ve worked in in the Minister’s Offices of Parliament House + been a top achieving economics + art history student at Australian National University before dropping out to become a successful artist/hippy/woman living her own wild dream!


My spiritual path drives everything I do – from business to money to relationship to what I decide to do next. Whatever I do, it’s gotta be on my soul’s purpose.


I’m a gigglesnorter. An incorrigible optimist. I’m often found up trees. I have an undying love affair for stationery, art supplies, the smell of books + documenting the beauty in the world.