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Key Elements

Key Elements of Social Media Marketing

Social Media has breached the privacy of people today and has now become a norm among people. Social media is an easy medium to learn about people, their hobbies, interests, and requirements. It is a powerful tool for all businesses that want to learn about its customers in order to develop a better connection. Social media marketing is among the essential strategies for every business today.

With the help of social media, a business can grow among organic audience without having to implement PPC and SEO tactics. Similar to the same tactics used by Sir Linksalot SEO Products.  A business can grow easily locally and expand around with time with a simple Instagram account. But a lot has changed in a few years for the strategies used in social media marketing. Today the platforms are getting monetized and adding new ways of spreading the market and generating revenue. Here are some key elements of social media marketing that you should learn about before you kick start your social media campaigns.

Creating an identity


On social media acc, it is important that you develop an identity of yourself. Unless you have people who are ready to listen to what you or business has to say, it will be difficult for you to make an impact. Audience persona will play a major role in marketing. It will determine the interests, needs, fears, and behavioral patterns of your customers.

Setting goals

Once you understand the audience, you can start working on identifying your goals and deadlines. The most common goals for a social media campaign are building brand awareness, getting traffic on the website, and generating leads. Setting goals is important to measure the ROI and find out if your plans are actually effective.

Setting budget

 Creating goals is easy, but they need to be realistic, considering your budget. You need to set a limited budget for your social media strategies as there are also other digital marketing techniques that you need to invest in. You can use 1/4th of the budget for your marketing for social media platforms and keep the rest for SEO, PPC, and other things. Get the right tools that will help you analyze your strategies and data for improvising.

Building a team

Social media marketing may seem an easy task that you can take on your own. In reality, it requires a lot more time than you expected and a team that can manage your account every day. You can either build your own team for in-house or hire a marketing agency to manage your social media marketing. You can also look for freelancers who can manage your accounts with a decent salary. The role of this team will be to analyze the data, build content for the platforms, and use professional tools to create and market the content.

Social Media Marketing

9 Must-Have Tools for Social Media Marketing

Social media has been among the most used platforms for customers and businesses alike to buy and sell products. It is no more a regular medium to catch up with friends. Most of the social media platforms today are commonly used for creating a social portfolio. You can find personal information about people, such as hobbies, interests, professions, requirements, etc. A business developing social media strategies for their upcoming campaigns need the right tools to analyze their success on ROI. Here are some effective tools in social media marketing, and businesses and individuals can use them to market their accounts, products, and services.


Biteable is a great tool to create visual content that can increase the chances of gaining more audience. It offers free video clips, music, gifs, and other files to help you create your content.


Buffer was originally made for Twitter, but today it supports all popular social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Pinterest, and Google+.  It has tons of features to offer at affordable prices.



Missinglttr can help you schedule your posts and speed up the uploads of the post on all social media channels at once. You can create a year’s worth of content in advance and then allow Missinglttr to keep posting content on your social media accounts on time.


MeetEdgar is an automated management tool that can manage to share your content and optimize your traffic. You can schedule the posts and manage them with your mobile phone. It also shares the analysis for ROI based on your investments in every platform.



Mention is a comprehensive social listening tool that can keep the data of your brand, products, and similar accounts in one place. You can use it to locate relevant influencers on social media while also analyzing your competitors.


IFTTT is an all in one tool that makes social media management much easier for users. You can categorize different types of notifications so you can check them based on their priority levels. You can also save commands for different notifications that can automate when the notifications pop-up.


Sumo is an analytics tool that can help you manage your traffic and improvise on your marketing strategies. It also makes it easier for users on the website to share your content while keeping track of the number of shares.



AdEspresso provides real-time analysis of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It determines how the ads for your posts are working and give you ideas to improvise your future campaigns.


Bitly is a link shortener that takes all your lengthy URLs and makes them compact and more attractive. It helps your audience to remember your links as remembering URLs are a lot more complex. Bitly also keeps track of all your activities on social media to create data for how your actions improved your marketing.


Restaurant Marketing

6 Social Media Tips For Restaurant Marketing

When you are running a café or a chain of restaurants, you should have a medium to connect with your customers to take their feedback and offer them membership rewards. It will keep your customers loyal and increase your value through word of mouth. Like any other business, your restaurant needs a marketing strategy. Social media is the best way for restaurants to advertise their ambiance, dishes, and service. The websites also help, but the customers would be more interested in keeping in touch through a social media platform rather than searching for your website. If you are planning new social media marketing strategies for your restaurant, here are some tips to get you started.

Create a meaningful profile

Your restaurant’s social media profile should not only consist of pictures of the dishes from your restaurant. It can only be a complete profile when you mention every detail about your restaurant to help people know you better. It includes address, facilities, spacing, special events, happy hours, staff information, and kitchen information.

Share more videos


Every restaurant that is on social media has hundreds of pictures of their dishes. No matter how much a customer loves your restaurant, if you keep serving the same content on social media, you will chase them away. Instead, you can be more creative by creating videos. You can record the cooking process, special events, seasonal promotions, parties, etc. for your social media to let people know that your restaurant is happening.

Create events

Apart from the festive seasons, you should constantly keep your online audience engaged in special events and contests. You can account for a prize for the winners and use the right marketing strategies to lead the event. This way, you will gain more audience on social media and keep your audience interested in your posts.

Hire a manager

You may need a social media manager to handle all your social media handles. A manager should be good at photo editing skills as they will have to constantly edit photos and videos for the posts. They should also have the knowledge of marketing tools and methods to help your social media account grow.

Communicate with the audience

the audience

Respond to every review you get with a genuine approach. Do not leave this role to your manager unless you have a very large audience. For a new restaurant, if the owner takes responsibility for addressing customer reviews, it develops goodwill for the restaurant, and the customers are more likely to return again.

Reshare customer posts

When your customer shares a post while dining and enjoying at your restaurant, it is your easy ticket to gain more popularity by sharing their post. This way, you are not only making your customer happy but also letting their friends know how active and witty your restaurant is while dealing with customers. It will create brand awareness and also result in better conversions.