The incredibly inspiring Shining Biz & Life Academy has transformed my life in so many ways. After spending a couple of years taking care of my two young children and procrastinating or getting very busy but only in my head I finally found the support I needed to make that Big Leap. I joined the Academy in November 2011 and 3 months later I found the courage and motivation to start my own business. In only one year I got my business running offering Intuitive Readings for people all over the world and I started teaching others how to connect with their Spirit Guides – both online and offline.

This was a huge dream for me and it happened so quickly thanks to the business programs in the Academy and the amazing support I received from the women in the online community. So many incredible things have happened in only just over a year! I am now part of an awesome mastermind group, I’m a magazine columnist, I’ve guest blogged on big and inspiring websites such as the WildSisterhood, Kind Over Matter and Roots of She and I’ve been a guest on two web radio shows in the US.

Being a part of a loving and generous community has not only helped me create a business I love – while living in a village in the South of France – but it has also tranformed my entire life. Now I have support whenever I am going through a difficult time or when I need to step up and play a bigger game. Leonie’s community is such a beautiful and sacred space where like minded people meet and create miracles together. I am always expanding my beliefs of what is possible – both in my business and in my personal life. The investment I made to join the Shining Biz & Life Academy is one of the best I have ever made and it is worth so much more!

Now, no dream or goal is too big to achieve and I feel how I am co-creating this Beautiful Life of mine. Thank you, thank you, thank you, sweet Leonie, for shining your Light in this world!